So Let It EnfoldYou

  • Soul Journeying Testimonial, By Agnes Lydia

    Dear Beatrice It is with much heartfelt gratitude and love that I am sending you this email because I know you have a gift which, in my opinion, is outstanding. I don't think you fully appreciate how special your gift is.
    I have always known that I was, "different," from most people; the whole world kept telling me so. (Smile!) However, I was not prepared for the news you broke to me, approximately, two years ago. As you may remember, we were, sadly, at a wake having an enjoyable chat and in an instant, you responded to something I had said by telling me... "You are specially gifted!" It was bizarre.
    You and I had never had the opportunity to meet in a social setting prior to that day, nor had we ever had a private conversation so you can imagine how shocked I was at your revelation. I am thrilled to confirm that once I had recovered from the initial shock, I decided to accept the predictions you had told me, although it was difficult to take it all in.
    To cut a long story short, just as you predicted, I have published three volumes of poetry and have a weekly Blog where any and everyone can find and read, I have been told, "Inspirational, Healing poetry."
    Thank you for your warmth, generosity and accuracy even when no appointment has been made. (Such a remarkable Gift!!!) May you continue to grow your gift so that each and very soul you meet can benefit from all the art that is stored in your heart.
    Love and Blessings!
    Agnes Lydia

  • Soul Journeying Testimonial, By Sarah Jackson - Scotland

    Beatrice is very direct and straight to the point. She has an amazing way of describing what will happen that it allows you to visualize it very clearly. Words that have been said still come to mind as they have come true and stare me in the face. When she says 'I don't know why......' Then I know she is hitting the nail on it's head Highly recommend a reading with Beatrice

  • Soul Journeying Testimonial, By S R - Harrow - Middx

    Beatrice is amazing, she doesn't need to ask too many questions, get to the route of your problem. I have had readings over the years and some have blown me away. She predicted my marriage and many other things in my life. If you need a straight, honest answer and guidance in life, Bea is your lady! ‎ Correction: to get to the route of your problem.

  • Soul Journeying Testimonial, Leilani Shree Duffins

    Beatrice readings always leave me in awe on her accuracy and her delivery never causes confusion on her messages that she delivers during her readings. I have had readings before in the past but I never got answers and I felt the readings went around in circles but my faith has been restore in psychics and healers with Beatrice readings and coaching. Thank you.

  • Soul Journeying Testimonial, By Chanel, London

    I try to make it a point of having at least one reading per year; always delivering golden nuggets of insight and prewarning. Beatrice offers a truly honest, astute and straightforward reading, offering the opportunity to explore questions and unearth unconscious processes within relationships and actions. Since my first reading nearly six years ago, I have successfully used the messages received through Beatrice to begin a new career path, end unhealthy relationships, and embrace the impending arrival of my new baby - a baby Beatrice confidently told me would be a boy, even before the Doctors were able to confirm his gender! I am yet to meet anyone else who offers readings that are as correct and on the mark as hers have been. Thank you for being a God send and blessing, Beatrice.